Lessor-Known Figures Associated with Farmington

Also important, although less well known, were:
  • Caroline C. and William G. Barker (Farmington Quakers, signers of Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments)
  • Josephine Brown (African American author) lived in Farmington as a girl
  • Darius and Otis Comstock (Farmington Quakers, major Underground Railroad supporters)
  • Daniel and Mary Anthony (members of Farmington Quarterly Meeting, abolitionists and woman’s rights supporters), Susan B. Anthony’s parents
  • Elias J. and Susan Doty (Farmington Quakers, signers of Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments)
  • Jacob Ferris (Farmington Quaker abolitionist lecturer)
  • Sunderland P. Gardner (Farmington Quaker minister for 42 years, who preached widely throughout the U.S. and Canada)
  • Cassandra Green Hathaway (Farmington teacher, abolitionist, and woman’s rights activist)
  • Esther Hathaway (Farmington abolitionist and Underground Railroad, friend of Frederick Douglass)
  • Phebe Hathaway (Farmington abolitionist organizer and Underground Railroad supporter, friend of Frederick Douglass)
  • Anson S. Lapham (founder of Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College)
  • Pliny Sexton (Farmington Quaker, abolitionist, Underground Railroad activist, attended national woman’s rights conventions)
  • Asa B. Smith (Farmington Quaker, abolitionist, Underground Railroad activist)
  • Catharine Fish Stebbins (born in Farmington, Quaker abolitionist, signer of Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments, friend of Sojourner Truth)
  • Maria E. Wilbur (Farmington Quaker, signer of Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments).

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