Most Important Needs!

Here is what we need right now:

1. a 501c3 organization to take over
temporary ownership of the building,
so that we can move it fairly immediately,
document, store it, and make a long-range
plan for it.

We have a couple of possibilities,
but no commitments as yet from anyone.

This will be a crucial next step.

2. a place to store the building.

Ideally, this would be a large
facility where we might be able
to spread out the pieces to do some
detailed drawings and documentation
(and perhaps partial reconstruction).

We do have some possibilities of a barn,
as well as a possible warehouse, but we
have nothing nailed down yet, so all
offers and ideas are most welcome.

Again, this is a crucial next step.

3. funding. We have a commitment of
$5000 from Heritage New York Women's
History Trail, a grant proposal in
to the Chace Fund (sponsored by
Rochester Monthly Meeting) for $5000
for documenting the building. We have
private donations of just over $1000.

We have another grant possibility
of $5000, and possible significant
public and private donations from
other sources. We are seeking estimates
from four contractors about moving the
building, and we are should have a
better sense about the cost of
Phase I
--documenting, dismantling, and moving the
meetinghouse--very shortly.

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