Update 3

Hello Friends--In grateful recognition for the life and work of Tom Fox, let us continue our work with the Genesee Yearly Meeting of Friends meetinghouse at Farmington, with thankfulness also for all of those who have volunteered so much time and so many gifts on behalf of all this meetinghouse stands for.

Thanks especially to Rochester Monthly Meeting of Friends, who this morning agreed to sponsor a proposal to the Chace Fund of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting to help document this building with photographs and drawings and also to set up a fund to collect money for the

meetinghouse. More very soon on exactly how we can write checks for this building. We are so grateful to Rochester Monthly Meeting, especially to Rich Regen, convener of a new oversight committee who will oversee this fund.

Thanks also to Diane Plassey Gutierrez, who has volunteered her skills as a graphics designer to help publicize the importance of this meetinghouse, and to Bruce Harvey, who took many large-format photographs of the meetinghouse on Saturday morning.

We are awaiting estimates from building movers about the cost of stabilizing, dismantling, and moving the building.

The Farmington Town Board will consider the fate of this building at its meeting this Tuesday evening, March 14, at the Farmington Town Hall. We will try to prepare a summary of what has happened so far, so that everyone is up-to-date on our progress by Tuesday.

Everyone is welcome. To get to the Town Hall:

Get off Thruway at Manchester exit. Take 96 heading west out of Manchester, toward Victor. About six miles west of Manchester, on right, there is a red schoolhouse. Turn right (north) on County Road 8. Go approximately a mile. Town hall is on left.


Go west on Route 31 through Macedon. Turn south on County Route 8 for maybe 5 miles. Town hall is on right.

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